Catch Internet’s New Year 2074 Celebration


Nepal has more than 60 ethnic groups with their own unique culture and most of them have their own language. In other words, Nepal is a live example of unity in diversity. People of different castes and cultures live in the country.

The best part of that is we get to celebrate dozens of festivals and event. It might be hard to believe but we get to celebrate 9 different new years in a single calendar year and we celebrate each of them with the same zeal and bang. However, Baishakh 1st is regarded as the national New Year. It is when the country’s official calendar year starts.

And, we at Catch Internet decided to bid adieu to 2073 and ring in 2074 with a 3-day staycation in the scenic city of Pokhara (from 31st Chaitra to 2nd Baisakh).

Each day was a different adventure with a lot of sightseeing and awesome cuisines. It was the first visit to Pokhara for two of our team members. So, we had to make sure that they got the most out of our 3-day visit. We can promise you that there wasn’t a single dull moment.

Fast forward to today, it’s the 4th of Baisakh. We are back to work with re-energized body, mind, and spirit. So, let us use the start of the year 2074 to make new resolutions and act upon them positively. Let us leave all the sadness, regrets, and the painful moments behind and pray that this year brings us peace, success, good health, happiness, prosperity, and serenity in our personal and professional lives.

Thank all of you for the tremendous support that you’ve given us in 2073 like you’ve given consistently in the past.

We at Catch Internet wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year 2074. We promise to deliver more quality products and support in 2074!

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