Seven Star Street Bistro


Catch Internet Pvt. Ltd., in collaboration with NeueTuesday, launches a site for Seven Star Street Bistro Restaurant. We built a very unique and custom wordpress site for the new eatery in Roslindale, MA.

Seven Star Street Bistro
Seven Star Street Bistro

Technology Used
Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP, jQuery.

Seven Star Street Bistro:
For Over 20 Years Joseph Lin was chef and owner of Seven Star Mandarin House located in Newton Centre, MA. During that time Joseph’s cooking earned the praise of many, as he was known for his fresh ingredients and bold flavors. Seven Star Mandarin House was almost completely owned and operated by the Lin family and became known not only for it’s food but its warm customer service. The Lin family through the restaurant developed many life-long friendships in the area and thus the Seven Star Mandarin House customer base became an extended family.

Having grown up in the restaurant business, Christopher Lin, Joseph’s son developed a love of Chinese cuisine, and an attachment to the family atmosphere that the restaurant provided. After Seven Star Mandarin House closed its doors in the late 90’s it became his mission to one day revive the family business. Providing food was not only a family business, but a lifestyle. His passion for food expanded well beyond the doors of Seven Star Mandarin House. After completing culinary school at San Francisco’s California Culinary Academy, and years working in various restaurants throughout the country, Christopher decided the time had come to re-open Seven Star.

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